Is Your Vehicle MOT Ready?


MOT testing was reintroduced from 1 August 2020 as COVID-19 restrictions lifted. With a majority of vehicles spending the last few months sat on the drive or roadside due to the coronavirus pandemic, most vehicles are either in need of an MOT or are over due an MOT. These simple checks will help you prepare your vehicle –

  • Keep your vehicle relatively clean inside and out
  • Ensure number plates are clean and easy to read
  • Check all lights are working
  • Check tyre treads and tyre pressures
  • Ensure all fluid levels are correct, if necessary top up
  • Check vehicle horn sounds
  • All mirrors should be in tack
  • Check windscreen for any cracks or damaged and ensure wipers blades clear the screen adequately
  • Check seatbelts are in full working order
  • Ensure all doors open and close from inside/outside

An MOT test should take an hour to complete, at the end of the test  should your vehicle meet the necessary requirements and is roadworthy you will receive an MOT certificate that is valid for 12 months.  Should your vehicle fail its MOT you will received a failure sheet which will note the items that need attention, once the repairs have been carried out your vehicle will require an MOT retest. You will then be issued a MOT pass certificate.

If you bought your vehicle from new, you will need an MOT for your vehicle by the third anniversary of its registration and annually there after. Vehicles of over 40 years or more are MOT exempt.

To check when your vehicles MOT is due click the following link – 

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