Free Winter Health Check

Book your free winter health check in December

With the winter weather upon us and the go ahead to travel to see family over the Christmas period don’t get caught out in the cold this winter.

Book in with us for a FREE Winter health check and we will ensure you stay mobile to get you to your destination.

What’s included:

Tyres – Check overall condition, tread depths & pressures

Coolant & Anti-freeze – Check the level & strength

Battery – Test and recharge if required

Windscreen, Screen wash & wiper blades – Operation along with top up & check condition of wipers to ensure they are not split or perished

Bulbs all round – Check all lights are working on the vehicle to ensure visibility

Oil Level – Check and top up 

winter health check


Tyres are essential in keeping you safe on the roads during the winter months especially with the added risk of snow and ice.  Having good tread on your tyres will enable your vehicle to get you through the toughest of winters.


During the winter months it is vital your engine has the correct level of anti-freeze as water alone could freeze your complete engine causing cataphoric damage.


Battery failure sadly is more common during the winter months, your vehicles battery has to work extra hard as we naturally use more electrical components such as lighting and heating.

Windscreen, screen wash & wiper blades:

With the shorter days and darker evenings visibility is paramount in the winter. Ensuring your windscreen stays clear of any dirt and residue is a must for all road users. As part of our winter health check we also inspect the condition of your wipers and ensure your screen wash is topped up.


Ensuring your vehicles bulbs are all in tac and working is critical before driving your vehicle on the road. This is to ensure your own safety along with the other road users and pedestrians as these lights enable everyone to see you clearly.  Having faulty or defective bulbs are unsafe and also illegal.

Oil level check:

Having little or no oil is just as bad as having to much oil. Confused? Allow us to take the stress away from you by checking and ensuring your oil level is correct and where it should be ready for your journey ahead.

winter health check2

Want to book your free winter health check? Call us on 01628 669111 or email

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