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Car Diagnostics and Electrical 

Car Diagnostics and Electrics

Our car diagnostics and electrical fault service is available for all our customers vehicles. 

All modern cars have some sort of engine management system, which will produce warnings if something is not performing correctly. 

You can rely on us to problem-solve when you experience setbacks on the road. In addition to diagnostics you can trust, we also carry out repairs, re-mapping, engine management, electrical repairs, MOTs and servicing.

We have the technical equipment to identify the issue and the expertise to rectify the fault and get you back on the road. 

Not only are we able to take on complex diagnostic jobs that other garages can’t, but we also make customer service our number one priority.

We recommend that all modern cars have annual engine diagnostic checks – but unless you ask for this to be done as part of your annual service, it may not be carried out.

We provide a Free Collection and Delivery Service.

Classic Car Specialists

Do you have a Classic Car? We specialise in classic car repairs, modification and servicing. Find out more about our classic car services.